Sisters of the Night update (30th June 2020)

The second track on my new EP is the title track, "Sisters of the Night." This explores the nocturnal life of the Statues of Stone as they become the Sisters of the Night.

Sisters of the Night update (22nd June 2020)

"Sisters of the Night" is due for release on the 24th July 2020. The first track is Callisto. Callisto is a musical journey across the surface of the second largest moon of Jupiter.

Sisters of the Night update (13th June 2020)

The EP was mastered this week, and I am currently working on the artwork for the T-Shirts. The video will be filmed over the weekend of the Summer Solstice. Once I have a CD delivery date from the factory, I will be able to confirm the release date.

Sisters of the Night update (11th May 2020)

I finally finished mixing the EP yesterday. I'm very pleased with how it sounds and cant wait to share it with you all. Hopefully the mastering will be done in mid June followed by the filming of the video, all subject to Covid 19 restrictions of course! The end of July is still the planned release date.

Bandcamp (1st May 2020)

All of my EP's are now available from Bandcamp.

Sisters of the Night update (9th April 2020)

Due to Covid 19 the release date for "Sisters of the Night" has now been delayed to the end of July. Thank you to everyone that subscribes to my Youtube channel, there is over 100 of you now. I have recently put the title tracks from my first 3 EP's onto Bandcamp, more to follow soon. Stay safe.

EP4 Update (21st March 2020)

EP4's title is "Sisters of the Night." The vocals are all done now, which leaves a few finishing touches to do before I start mixing in April. I am still working towards a release date at the end of May, but with all that is going on in the world at the moment this date could be changed. Stay safe everyone.

EP4 Update (23rd February 2020)

First day back in the studio today after my wedding to Becky last week. It has been a month of reacquainting myself with my old E-Bow and WX5. I still have some sequencer parts to write and record and hopefully this week I will get the guide vocals done.

EP4 Update (21st January 2020)

Over the last month, I have re written one of the new songs and re arranged one of the others. Currently I am working on 4 songs for my fourth EP. Now that the basics are done, I can start working on the sequencer and drum parts.

January Sale 2020

All T-Shirts in my store are reduced by 25% this month, which includes UK post & packaging.

EP4 Update (15th December 19)

I've spent the last two days in the studio arranging and recording the piano parts for EP4. I'm really pleased with how these new songs are sounding.