Spirit update (30th August 2019)

Spirit is released today on itunes, Spotify etc. All 9 tracks are only available on the CD version from

Spirit Update (9th August 2019)

The master copy of "Spirit" along with the artwork was sent to the factory earlier this week. The official release date is now set for the 30th August.

"Spirit" is now available in CD format to pre order from

Spirit Update (13th July 2019)

I finished mixing the last track of the "Spirit" EP this evening.

I have two weeks now to listen to and re mix any songs (if required) before mastering.

Spirit Update (23rd June 2019)

All 9 songs are nearly complete now, just a few more overdubs to do and a bit of editting before the mixing can start next month.

This will be the only EP of the five to have no singing, although there is spoken words on one track.

Spirit Update (13th May 2019)

Work on my third EP has gone well over the last month. I have added four short pieces of music to the EP, so there will now be 9 tracks in total.

I have really enjoyed playing the steel guitar on two of the tracks, something that my Mum would have been very proud of.

Still lots to do over the next month before I can start mixing.

Spirit update (17th April 2019)

"Spirit" has progressed well in the last month.

I have always enjoyed mixing traditional instruments with electronic ones and this EP is certainly no exception.

All of the Drum, Bass and Guitar parts are now recorded.

Spirit (18th March 2019)

Over the last two months I have been busy writing the songs for my third EP "Spirit"

This is very much the core of my 5 EP's and pivotal to the EP's that have gone before and are yet to come.

This week I return to the studio to start recording the piano, sequencers and guitars.